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"Foundations" E-Course with Free Ebook

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"Foundations" E-Course with Free Ebook

Tina Webb
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5-Part Series: A Self-Paced or Group Study Opportunity

Topics that release hope, wisdom, and understanding to your life as a parent and establish a biblical foundation for your family.

Video One -“Cultivating Our Hunger for God”

Will help your times of prayer, study, and quietness be refreshing, healing, and empowering.


Video Two – “Bridging Differences: Me and My Child”

How to engage and bond with our children when we experience everything from a personality clash to different opinions, ethnic differences from adoption and more.


Video Three – “Walking Through Hard Seasons”

Three Tips That Help You Keep Your Head Above Water When Life is Tough. When unexpected crises arise in the midst of raising kids, how can we persevere to get to the other side?


Video Four – “Understanding Spiritual Realities Part 1”

We are affected by the unseen world every day. God’s people often suffer because a lack of knowledge concerning the tactics of the devil against our personal lives and family destinies. Learn how to be your child’s first line of defense by understanding your spiritual authority.


Video Five – “Current Events in America Reveal What?”

Our families are caught in a web of divisiveness. Be empowered to resist the turmoil by understanding the roots and the reasons for this our present climate. Apply action steps to make a difference.

Free pdf Ebook of Cultivating the Souls of Parents with purchase

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4+ hours of video and 5 star rated Cultivating the Souls of Parents. Topics span family struggles to personal growth to spiritual warfare. Insight to help you engage with God and establish a biblical foundation for your family.

PDF Ebook link can be found on the E-Course page.
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