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The Court of Compassion

Doug and Tina Webb
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The external conflict we see in the world reflects people's internal turmoil as well as the spiritual war around us. In this small group, Tina will discuss how to impart vision and healing to the hurting, and ways to intercede for those around us with the love of God. (Fee includes downloadable workbook). 1 hour - Sundays 2-3 pm EST, Jan 16, 23, 30.
Recordings will be made available for missed sessions.

"One man’s brokenness not only affects those in his family but reaches out to influence many people in other families, as well as their economies and emotional wellbeing. We aren’t islands, and our junk—even the hurts we may not realize exist—can affect others. Our emotional and mental processes influence our behavior and health, and our lives inevitably touch the lives of others. That’s how God made us function—as a unit.

This route doesn’t produce a world without suffering, but it does mean that becoming whole together can help us deal with struggles more effectively. When we have a plan for our own triune health and how we’re going to help others heal, we become Culture Changers who slowly and steadily mend broken hearts, families, and communities. "

In the course, you will find practical ways to help people

  • at your job

  • in your neighborhood

  • in your friend groups and social circles

  • in your family

*We can help people and respect their desire for social distance. With God nothing is impossible.

This is Track 2 of the Changing the Tide Small Group Series. Track 1 not required.

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Learn how to come alongside hurting people and give them courage and vision to move forward. Practice learned skills with small group members. Learn simple ways to pray for them.


The Court of Compassion

0 ratings